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Oh no, there's chocolate all over everything.

That sucks.

2/22/08 09:28 am - it changes everything.

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2/12/08 02:35 pm - simple devotional.

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2/3/08 05:36 am - hey, u!

2/1/08 03:03 am - you make me happy


1/30/08 09:01 pm - she's so glad...

1/30/08 08:59 pm - it's warm and fuzzy.


1/30/08 03:40 pm - put it in your pantry with your cupcakes


9/29/07 06:58 pm - This is who we are.

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This is who we are.

6/4/07 04:55 pm - I had you once - I can't forget that.

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6/1/07 02:25 pm - that's when I knew where I was

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5/31/07 06:04 pm - yaad rakhna


5/31/07 12:00 pm - where did it all go?

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4/24/07 12:31 am - what they'd give

4/23/07 12:13 am - there are bird bones in the clouds.

4/2/07 10:54 am - I have two real bad.

also drawn not solely for this journal. but you get to enjoy it.

3/26/07 08:55 pm - if it was, no thank you.

this was drawn for Heidi but I am sharing it with all of you now.

3/19/07 09:23 pm - we will do it together.

3/11/07 06:48 pm - i'll never make that mistake again.

3/4/07 09:35 pm - pukey pukey.

got sick this past week.

not fun.

all good now.

2/11/07 11:08 am - until we fall out.

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1/29/07 10:53 am - to lamp his feet.

Poetry by Jon Ogden

1/25/07 09:50 pm - there are bird bones in the clouds.


This is the poem Jon Ogden wrote to go along with this image at the art show we appeared in back in December. I will be posting the others from the series over the next week. He is a very talented poet and one of my dear friends. He has many creative endeavors - I hope to be able to share more of his work in the future.

I am working on another collaborative project right now. Colby Stead's new album will be coming out soon and my artwork will be featured with the CD. I encourage all of you to keep an eye out for that on colbystead.com. Colby is a talented and inspiring artist and one of my dear friends as well. Keep checking the website for details.

Thanks for keeping with me.

12/28/06 11:08 am - with sugar on top.

hi. I'm done with finals and I got a new computer for Christmas.

Be prepared for weekly updates once again.

Thanks for waiting so long.

I remember you.

12/1/06 12:43 pm - Light

I know few of you actually live in Utah, but a few pieces of my art are going to be displayed in this exhibit. The gallery will display all the art and poetry from December 1 thru December 16 if you can't make it to the opening night but would still like to see the art.

We will be selling the pieces for about $15 a piece (larger donations are encouraged, but not required) - the proceeds are going to UNICEF.

It's going to be a lovely show, I encourage those who can drop in to do so.

This is also why my blog has been a little slow. Thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions, leave comments here.

"Light Cleaveth Unto Light"
Art and Poetry of the Utah School of Young Artists
Friday, December 1, Gallery 110
110 South 300 West
Provo, UT

- Becca

11/20/06 12:08 pm - but I am still better than you on the outside...

let's make it Monday, shall we?

Every Monday there will be a new comic.

This will be easier ever since my Internet broke on my laptop. Now I can just uplod the pictures when I come in to work on Mondays.

Three cheers!

11/12/06 10:57 pm - to walk in the light.

11/3/06 02:49 pm - sometimes the difference is too much.

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10/30/06 12:49 pm - I wanna do with you what spring does with the cherry trees...

It's been so long.

What with mothers in town and papers to write and concerts to be had - I've been shamefully neglecting my art.

But here's the news:

I will now be posting at least once a week. Sundays will be the day for posting because that is the day with the least traffic for me. I will still post throughout the week if I have time and desire, but be assured that every Sunday I will have at least one new drawing posted.

Cherish the news.


- Becca Lee

10/17/06 10:26 pm - you know I can't take it.

10/13/06 12:51 am - us.

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10/9/06 02:06 pm - don't freak out.


10/8/06 12:51 am - It is believing. It is believing.

10/7/06 05:30 pm - if you're not careful

10/5/06 12:21 am - but I do. and I wish you were up here.

10/2/06 12:40 pm - I'm only sleeping.

10/2/06 12:27 am - you really think I'd buy that?

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9/29/06 02:21 am - don't you follow.

you know you don't belong here.

9/28/06 10:56 am - you haven't come.

9/27/06 11:15 am - Amor

Amor - Cruz e Sousa

9/26/06 09:41 am - I don't care what you say...


9/25/06 09:49 am - when the melancholy fit shall fall, sudden from heaven like a weeping cloud,

  Emprison her soft hand, and let her rave,
    And feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes.

- Ode on Melancholy, John Keats

9/24/06 09:35 pm - little Susie wants to play.

9/19/06 08:17 pm - let's just rest for a while.

Since I last posted I have cleaned my room, registered for 21 credits of class, started an Internship, written a paper, driven from Utah to Oregon, driven from Oregon to Utah, done the dishes, eaten twenty-three fruit leathers, danced the magic dance, run over half of a dead deer, seen a play, killed an Arab, eaten eggplant twice, made chocolate pancakes, started a Marxist revolution, thrown a cup of water in someone's face, eaten fish tacos, been bitten by a dog, yelled in a restaurant, gone to the bathroom without washing my hands, put extra sugar in my oatmeal, pet a squirrell, pierced my nose, killed a terrorist, listened to six hours of bluegrass, spoken Spanish, explained religious doctrine, driven a PT Cruiser, read a novel, read an 18th-century romance, picked a scab, gotten a sunburn, washed my hair in a river, used more than my share of paper towels, showed off my knife, sang soprano, burned a CD, talked on the phone to someone in Australia, built a fire, buried a dog, visited the ocean, missed two classes, bought a 3-lb bag of garlic, stayed up past 5am, slept in a tent, slept in a car, and used someone else's shampoo.

I'm quite exhausted.

what have you been doing?

9/12/06 11:24 pm - that I am alone.

9/7/06 12:43 am - her simple hallucination.


9/5/06 09:39 am - maybe it will never change.


I am moved into my new house in Utah and I finally have the Internet again.

As a welcoming gift, I'd like to present you with this:



I am on MySpace. There is no going back. Though it feels a bit sleazy, I know it's a good way to get more people viewing my art. I post my daily comic there, so if some folk you know on MySpace have not converted to LJ-ism, tell them to run on over on MySpace and friend me. MySpace will feed them my blog.

You can all friend me on MySpace now.

Isn't that great?

Note: I'm still on LJ, I'm just on MySpace now, too.

8/29/06 09:53 pm - you've been spatulized!

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8/28/06 11:23 pm - it cuts me.

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8/25/06 01:02 pm - some bright morning...

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8/23/06 11:15 am - I just had to tell you,

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